The creation of a business incubator in Kamarova was a logical continuation of work on the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas by the public association “Women for the Revival of the Narač Region”.

The NGO “Women for the Revival of the Narač Region” was founded in 2001 to help create conditions aimed at the social, cultural, economic and environmental development of the Miadzieĺ district. The permanent head of the organization is Alla Voitekhovich. The organization currently has 26 active members and 120 volunteers.

The first projects of the public association concerned the conservation of the natural heritage and the development of agro-ecotourism. In 2004, a cluster of rural tourism was created in the village of Kamarova, where projects of two estates and a tourist route through the Narač region were developed. Later, the experience of the then new for Belarus type of activity – agro-ecotourism – was widely spread throughout the country and served as an example. It was possible to increase the tourist potential of the region by creating a route along the old Polack road from Vilnius to Polack.

In 2003, Kamarova opened the Educational and Practical Institution for the Support of Entrepreneurship “BIKamarova”, which provided advice on starting and running a business. The work experience of the Institution became the basis for creating a business incubator.

In 2008, with the help of sponsors, it was possible to install a solar electric battery on the roof of the administrative building of the NGO “Women for the Revival of the Narač Region”, and a 3.5 KW micro-hydro power plant on the reservoir of the Kamarova manor and park complex. This micro-hydropower plant provided electricity for street lighting of the territory of the complex, which significantly reduced the cost of this article of the local executive committee. Seminars and workshops were held to familiarize residents and specialists using RES.

A big step forward was made in building constructive partnerships between local authorities and other civil society actors during the development and implementation of a sustainable development strategy on the territory of the Svirsky village council.

Through the efforts of a public association, with sponsorship, a water purification system was established, thanks to which the social and public sector of Kamarova was provided with clean drinking water. Installed water metering devices for consumers.

In 2011-2013, two young entrepreneur schools were organized, in which high school students from rural areas took part. They got the basics of knowledge for starting their own business and developed business plans.

In 2017, the NGO "Women for the Revival of the Narač Region" became the founder of the Educational and Practical Institution for the Support of Entrepreneurship “BIKamarova”. With the financial support of the European Union, the business incubator conducted a training program for entrepreneurs from the Miadzieĺ, Smarhoń, Pastavy and Astraviec districts, and also allocated from 2 to 10 thousand euros to open their own business to 24 entrepreneurs.

Now the business incubator continues to provide consulting, legal and accounting services to rural entrepreneurs.

More information about implemented projects can be found in the “Projects” section of our website.