Tourist route "Greenway" on the Polack path

Deadline: January – October 2007

Donor: ISAR, Inc (USA)

Budget: 7,000 USD

Executor: PA “Women for the Revival of the Narač Region”

Geography: Miadzieĺ District


The project has been restored following the route of the road Vilnius-Polack on Ancient Polack path XIX – early XX centuries. To collate and collect the missing historical material in the archive of Vilnius and Maladziečna, elaborated the route map showing the locations of the alleged stopping by describing their tourist possibilities of environmental, historical and cultural character.

According to the total work was published a collection of legends Narač Region, its brief version is available online. This will improve the quality of the route operation and attract foreign tourists to visit the region and the Naračanski National Park.

The main result of the project was the publication of a route map and its presentation for project participants, other public associations, representatives of local authorities and travel companies.