About Kamarova

The small village of Kamarova is located in the MiadieÌ district of the Minsk region. It is 180 kilometers from the capital of Belarus and 15 kilometers from the Lithuanian border. Slightly over 600 people who live here, embody creative ideas, making Kamarova an open-air museum, experience exchange center for small and medium-sized businesses and a place which is pleasant and comfortable for locals and tourists.  

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The uniqueness of the village is that the restored buildings in Kamarova are used to create new sites of tourist infrastructure through placing small businesses there, thus saving the historical buildings from destruction.

A beautiful lake Svir is located 5 kilometers from the village.


Kamarova is a perfectly suitable place for a short stop over (for a couple of hours) while travelling in this part of the country. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee and light snacks in a cozy café, buy freshly backed bread in the family run bakery, try craft cheese at the cheese factory.