You can stay at a farmstead near Kamarova or in a hotel in MiadieÌ city.

Places to stay:

Farmstead Padkasciolak (8 km from Kamarova)

The farmstead is located on the bank of the Haladzianka lake, it contains 2 houses for 34 people totally.

Address: village Padkasciolak, Astravecki district

Phone. +375 29 388 86 88


Farmstead Kamariški (7 km from Kamarova)

The farmstead Kamariški is surrounded by a forest and a lake. On the territory there is a chalet for 6 people and a large house with 4 rooms.

Address: village Strača. Centraĺnaia street 2

Phone: +375 29 651 95 01


Farmstead «Blue lakes» (7 km from Kamarova)

A small but cozy cottage for 12 people with a large territory.

Address: village Hrumbinenty 34

Phone +375 44 767 68 82


Farmstead «Sabinava» (9 km from Kamarova)

The farmstead is located on the territory of the National Park Naračanski and from all sides it is surrounded by lakes and forests. It offers rooms for 10 people, satellite TV, karaoke, wood-fired bath and grill for cooking kebabs.

Address: village Zasvir, Sabinava street 2

Phone: +375 29 624 92 88


Hotel «MiadieÌ» (42 km from Kamarova)

The hotel complex occupies a 5-storey building, located in a quiet area near the city center and the Miastro lake. It is a new comfortable hotel with modern and cozy rooms for 76 people.

Address: MiadieÌ, Naberežnaia street 4B

Phone: +375 1797 28763

Hotel «Narač» (27 km from Kamarova)

A comfortable three-star hotel with 48 rooms for up to 113 guests in the center of the village Narač.

Address: Narač, Leninskaia steet 6

Phone: +375 1797 47777