School of rural business

The residents of 4 districts from June 2017 to April 2018 was a unique opportunity to study business planning in the region. In Kamarova is a School of Rural Business, where the best coaches and experts from various fields shared with budding entrepreneurs valuable knowledge.

In the School of Rural Business were trained 60 residents Miadziel, Smarhoń, Pastavy and Astraviec districts. For enrollment it was necessary to apply online and have an interview.

The educational program consisted of 5 Session:

-          “The nature of business and the identity of the businessman. The specifics of doing business in rural areas. Ideas for the development of rural business”;

-          “Basics of business planning: analysis, modeling, forecasting”;

-          “Production Planning and Marketing”;

-          “Management and finance for small and medium-sized enterprises”;

-          “Legal environment of rural businesses. Social responsibility and social entrepreneurship. Partnership. Environmental standards”/

Education was based according to the principles of social responsibility, environmental friendliness, inclusion, gender equality.

School of Rural Business program included a theoretical part with conducting group workshops and master classes on the analysis of case studies (40% of the total workload) and the practical part, focused on the needs and based on individual work with an instructor, and industry experts (60% of the total workload). In addition, students schools can get help on the internet.

Among the Schools listener could meet the builders, librarians, young mothers, teachers and representatives of different professions, who decided to start their own business.

Education in the School of Rural Business for each group ends with a Startup Weekend where students defended developed business plans for their local initiative.

Performances judged by a jury composed of the representatives of local authorities, business, public Belarusian, foreign and international organizations. The winners received financial support in the amount of from 2 to 10 thousand euros from the project ”BY RURAL BOOST: Boosting rural entrepreneurship in Belarus via establishment and running of Kamarova Rural Business Incubator”, financed by the European Union and co-financed programs US Embassy Small Grants in Minsk.

All from September 2017 to July 2018 was conducted 5 Startup Weekend, the latter could have taken part and those who were not trained in the School of Rural Business. According to the total vote of the jury was selected 25 business initiatives that have received financial support in the amount of 182,000 euros.

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